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秋凉如水丰波之星"So what?" Lyu3 bu4 looked back at the cliff, has gradually gone away army, shook his head and said: "has been useless, no one will believe you, and, from the moment they walked out of the king's court, king's court, xianbei in the west, has been doomed to become history.""There was no sign of him within a hundred miles of each other, your excellency; he did not escape, did he?" QinWei chief shook his head, some disdain asked.On the other hand, Chen Xing horses are still galloping, but the body is stiff, slowly bowed his head, incredibly looking at the chest out of a cluster of arrows, blood along the arrow not dripping, the whole body's strength like a tide with the loss of blood and continue to disappear.

"Why, Cao Cao 's treachery is not your measure. It' s a clear trick to lure the enemy!" Lombardi shook his head, did not adopt xu togeher."No, the king's court, its master decision, d, ma dai, Ma Tie listen to order!" Giffin shook his head."Wait a minute." Lyu3 bu4 sat up and looked at Ho Man. "Bring him in," he said. "Maybe he'll get something."秋凉如水"The thief army back and not disorderly, clearly cheat, general body department master trust, not recklessly." Falling in grant shook his head, just now he saw clearly, ma dai go too crisp, his two thousand cavalry go too crisp, and when the withdrawal, orderly, obviously not really routed.

秋凉如水"Oh?" Zhaoyun looked at pang tong."Remember, safety is everything!"The beggars, who had become frightened, did not notice that there were only hundreds of pursuers behind them, Panic was lyu3 bu4 like sheep, chased all the way from midnight to dawn, nearly a hundred miles away, leaving the remains of the mountains and fields, until the early morning sun completely rose, fought a night of the moon people from riding has been exhausted, lyu3 bu4 gave up to continue to kill, with the moon people from riding toward xianbei king's court direction.

Wang Yongwen speech twist a head to see, but see around a defenders just looking at each other's overwhelming momentum, has no face, once the war, how many battle effectiveness these people can play?"Zhang embroidery." Lyu3 bu4 finally looked at zhang embroidery way: "This time you will come to sit behind the town, help the waves to allocate hay, do not make a lack of!"Just as the two men were discussing it, a small school rushed into the government office and sank into a track: "General, strategist, there is a member of the army general lyu3 bu4 outside the city, claiming to be the vanguard of lyu3 bu4, led by two thousand QingQi outside the city."秋凉如水




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