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妖戏院视频|藏益渭散Chapter 38 army rout"Master, I..." Li Kanwen speech, a change in complexion, want to say what, but see Korea hence has taken Liang Xing, meet when the old king away, a face immediately rose red.In response, Is the cavalry suddenly appeared in the distance, From the rear of the huns, in the eyes of santa surprised anger, like a sharp knife, mercilessly from the flank into the panic of the huns soldiers, a cold arrow cluster, ruthlessly harvesting the lives of the huns warriors, cold pike and steel knife, past, the huns who lost their horses were hanged by each other.

"Roar ~" Santa's eyes flashed crazy look, mace ferociously swept toward the surrounding, will sweep five huns soldiers at the same time, crazy toward the surrounding huns soldiers rushed past."The rest of the broken qiang didn't appear?" Lyu3 bu4 stood after the crowd, he is not qiang people, nature also won't go to worship the ethereal spirit, looked around, didn't find broken qiang, frown at giffin way."Oh, this is lyu3 bu4 under general?" D on horseback, watching the situation ahead, saw the ladder is about to rushed to the wall, but the defenders on the city has no reaction, can not help laughing, disdain to look around people way: "It is difficult under the reputation, didn't expect this seibel, also not too much."妖戏院视频|A large number of herdsmen hurriedly took off the bow and arrow, quickly assembled, melodious trumpet sound spread far in the vast grasslands, hundreds of herdsmen looked nervously at the distant horizon, slowly raised a red flag, the flying flag in the wind agitated, gradually become apparent.

妖戏院视频|JingZhao, lyu3 bu4 nature can't know thousands of miles away, west cool two governors have reached a consensus with cao cao, arise together to crusade...."Yes!" D stood up and looked at lyu3 bu4, eyes sparkling hot eyes, interposed a gift: "thank you for not killing the general's grace, the next day, if you fall into my hands, I will put you once, in return for today's grace!"

"Father, I want to stay." Addis hesitated."Master, the last batch of trench has been on the road, we should also go." Chen Xing came to lyu3 bu4 on horseback."No more than high office." For cao cao can now take out things, lyu3 bu4 really don't see eye, at least hay, cao cao can't send.妖戏院视频|




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