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高露 高圆圆|高波丰胸"But it also left a hidden danger. Xu is sure that the news that our army had captured hanzhong was already known to the vassal." Giffin nodded, zhuge liang was walking is gradually integrate, jingzhou first under the four big families of small and medium-sized family after consolidation, again with trend, crushed CAI, according to lu bu with giffin is expected, the fastest also want to early next year to complete, although long time points, but the biggest advantage is that liu bei can complete receiving xiangyang, and by that time, because of the CAI this enemy, resources can be more smooth integration of jingzhou liu bei."Reinforcements." Gao shun deadpan way: "the Lord from the western region of the summoned, leaving the generals, will be closed officers and men replaced.""Liu bei's trust has been gained, but some military secrets have not been accessed." Xu shu bowed.

"Yes!"In the last few days, zi qiao can wait for an opportunity to arrange the names on the list without senior officialsAs long as he has real power, even as a captain or even as a captain." Dharma is giving a list to zhang songdao.高露 高圆圆|The spearmen in the rear mounted their thirty - foot spears on the shields, and the crossbowmen quickly replaced their crossbows and began firing.

高露 高圆圆|Cao cao smiled and nodded, and some regret, dian wei, xu chu, the xi succession fell, his side, while leading a lot, but like guan yu, huang zhong this leading top but I can't find it, but liu bei this guy good life, with leading such first picked up guan yu, zhang fei, now have veteran huang zhong this defected, sheet is in Athens, cao cao now than liu bei, even the thought of this, for lu bu is boundless, resentment of his leading action, the vast majority of relationship with lyu3 bu4 to take, especially embroidered lyu3 bu4, zhang dian wei the bill also must be written in the lu bu head."Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang." pound's barrage of arrows, except for a few unlucky ones, was almost always blocked by shields and crossbows.Cao cao all gathered under a counsellor, also did not think of a good idea, seibel vigilance is very strong, even if they throw the bait, is never going to be thorough, a dozen go, make cao cao is not, don't chase, also not be, pursuit, if there is no shield, face the seibel range far, strong penetrating power of single crossbows, no way, but not out shield car, ordinary shield simply stop single-shot penetrating crossbow, seibel will stop run directly, in turn, a sweep.

"No." Liu bei shook his head and took out one of the books under the ribbon and looked at cao cao and said, "this is the general who sent someone to jingzhou after paying for the ribbon at the risk of death. It is an order issued by your majesty a year ago."One of our own." See zhang song doubt will look over, the law is light explained a sentence."The Lord is assured that he will do his best in the end!" Pound said.高露 高圆圆|




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