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宝贝你要吗快点太大了|敏源清胶囊"General, ask the Lord for help?" See gao shun silent, xu sheng could not help but said.< / p > < p > a few left ye county soldiers rubbing palms, dark scold the devil to torture people."Presumptuous! Liu zhang some angry stare wang tired, angry way: "let you do what you do, why so much truth?"

"Well." Zhang fei nodded, beginning life people buried the bodies, jingzhou army began to tidy up the tragedy, zhou yu's surprise, this time really will zhuge liang surprised out in a cold sweat, if he again slow to react, or zhou yu's take some more troops, that even if zhou yu finally doomed, but jingzhou, also finished, liu bei's army will be dispersed, jingzhou hundreds of army will thus scattered, jiangdong opportunity to attack, even zhuge liang, also save."But it also left a hidden danger. Xu is sure that the news that our army had captured hanzhong was already known to the vassal." Giffin nodded, zhuge liang was walking is gradually integrate, jingzhou first under the four big families of small and medium-sized family after consolidation, again with trend, crushed CAI, according to lu bu with giffin is expected, the fastest also want to early next year to complete, although long time points, but the biggest advantage is that liu bei can complete receiving xiangyang, and by that time, because of the CAI this enemy, resources can be more smooth integration of jingzhou liu bei."Follow" operator, I flashed too, this jiangdong soldiers, only half I deny jin, AnShu said jin has the appearance of the emperor, but AnShu may not know, this is the heaviest imperial suspicion, since jin took office, quietly will wimer, islas, tardif those loyal to the former "operator specialist, and a good soldier to suppress climbing, are climbing the reasons, also in order to divide my relieving."宝贝你要吗快点太大了|"No wine in the army! Wei yan jujube's general face has begun to appear black, staring at pang tong's hand, but he remembered just that silk crystal is using this hand, a face determined: "but the Lord ordered us to seek shu zhong, we are here all day long idle and zhang ren confrontation, not to shame the Lord trust.

宝贝你要吗快点太大了|The new equipment developed by the ministry of work was all in demand, and was usually divided up by five units. Then it was the turn of gao shun and zhang liao. After all, the five units were the best of the best.Although the atmosphere became a little awkward, cao cao seemed not to feel the general, called the people into the account again, only this time, sun jing uncle and nephew was obviously ignored many, but cao cao as a strong and brave side, to meet people, naturally has his own set of skills, a short time later, the atmosphere was warm up again."Rightness, master, today a gentleman call the old person of master, want to see master, but master be absent, the slave maidservant dare not let him stay." "Said a girl.

"Consigliere, the battle of jiangdong... "Brush hesitated to zhuge liang, as confidant of zhuge liang, he knew that zhuge liang has been reluctant to part of shu, zhou yu's rise to the bait, such as is because zhuge liang is very clear, once their and zhang fei leave, zhou yu would be plotting to jingzhou, only by Chen, guarding jiangxia or can be, but to the whole jingzhou entrusted to him, Chen to prop up, this point, to Chen is a qualified soldier, can retain any command execution of liu bei, acquire the but lack of power and prestige.< / p > < p > sun jing slightly frowned, some hesitation in the heart, not only gaoshun army, even cao qiaojun's combat effectiveness surprised him, the crossbow's range has been far beyond the range of jiangdong crossbow, just do not know how liu bijun's fighting force?There was a dull thud. This time the crossbow was not a projectile, but a nearly flat shot, and though the range was shortened, the power of the arrows multiplied.宝贝你要吗快点太大了|




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