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关键词|正点减肥片Li ru nodded and said, "your majesty is right. What our army should do now is rest and recuperate, not continue to fight. Thirty thousand troops is the limit we can bear now.""Kill!" At that moment, three hundred cavalry battalions, each mounted on horseback, followed lv bu's order and charged towards the massacred massagers, whose formation was already in disorder.Poop-poop poof ~

"You want me, general?" < / p > < p > after taking care of some matters, re-set the camp, li kan was zhang liao summoned to the account, the face again spread the flattering smile, but at this time zhang liao has no mood to hate what, li kan today set great achievements is a fact, zhang liao will not because of personal preference to do things.Plus lyu3 bu4 then fight with Korea, changan, Chen gong is the only one that is difficult to be natural in many things, also gave the family a chink in the wall, secretly to attract a lot of past assume widely, although there is no utilitarian there, but the title with them, as long as the changan, to a standing outside, can be any a vassal of courtesy, worked for them, carelessly, can also go down in the future, don't want to, have been secretly killed, left are the Hanoi good confidant of the family."This thought, with the disaster, can chaos chang 'an, even if you can not kill lu bu, but also let him taste the bitter family destruction, unfortunately... "In the eyes of the teachers of the law, there flashed a deep hatred and madness:" the whole city of old and noble families, even in the section under lv bu's insolence! Such a missed opportunity."关键词|The horse tried to run, but it had probably been galloping through the snow for too long, its stiff gait no longer capable of breaking speed.

关键词|"Master wants to conquer this man?" Zhang liao surprised to look at li ru, if one track-minded, want to accept some difficult to do.Although a battle, doesn't mean anything, lyu3 bu4 could not easily will his army of thirty thousand TuGuang, but it is a battle, but to those who have just joined lyu3 bu4 tu each, zero, wolves, qiang with confidence first, after the battle, these people will like the rouzhi roamed, no longer fear the power of huns, and after this defeat, huns also psychologically gives birth to a sense of defeat.Can see fate, feng shui, and one fuzzy fate, for this ability, the system does not like insight into operation explanation in detail, but lu bu found himself in the eyes of the world at the moment, seems to have changed a lot, between heaven and earth, to be a kind of thing, sending out the faint burnish, haunted by his side, in addition to lu bu, d between the rises have a ray of light of stars and was more than d, ma dai, from the north palace, hand head all have, just not as good as d, and the stars shine, faint, are connected to their own over the rest of the airflow.

Marotta is not too fond of those who put on AIRS "celebrities", it has to do with his origins, impoverished intellectuals, to study the road, hard to avoid encounter to many eyes and inside of the heart, for those who are ready to head back, actually is not how many genuine people fundamentally a disgust, had with dong zhuo in luoyang, no less for these people, pang tong to marotta, may have the ability, but it put on AIRS of smelly trouble, have to cure, especially each other's appearance also not too conforms to the standard, the mood was virtually magnified many.What your body back to the talent is, lyu3 bu4 don't know, but at the moment but he can feel my body is full of vigorous vitality, if take off lyu3 bu4 clothes at the moment, you will find there old skin peeling lyu3 bu4, hidden under the skin originally started some flab also became strained again, look, like a young man's twenty muscles, full of elasticity and vitality.As to present lv bu, he won't think the home is his all, but this kind of feeling, make a person infatuation really.关键词|




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