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胡兵老婆|拱门出租Wen to hire?It was not until this time that they realized with astonishment that the huns were not so easy to provoke, but by now it was too late.

"Your excellency, look! Just when liu bao was worried about the future fate of the huns, bocan beside him suddenly exclaimed, pointing to the distance.'Sir! Han DE looked at jia xu.Can see fate, feng shui, and one fuzzy fate, for this ability, the system does not like insight into operation explanation in detail, but lu bu found himself in the eyes of the world at the moment, seems to have changed a lot, between heaven and earth, to be a kind of thing, sending out the faint burnish, haunted by his side, in addition to lu bu, d between the rises have a ray of light of stars and was more than d, ma dai, from the north palace, hand head all have, just not as good as d, and the stars shine, faint, are connected to their own over the rest of the airflow.胡兵老婆|A group of women standing twittering discussion to the children in the future will be like who more, lyu3 bu4 and sable cicada are people actually longfeng, lu bu is not a world a handsome boy, but is also the masculine handsome type, as for the sable cicada, can be become famous in the history of Chinese one of four big beautiful women, naturally don't need to say more, according to the genetics, where the children will be less than two life.

胡兵老婆|Was a workaholic, go straight ahead, even if there are physiological needs, also mostly choose that don't need to be responsible, and so on is established, wanted to have a home, but by accident, well, this is the first time he married on real significance, although not his favorite, but feeling is very novel."Kill!" Liu bao slowly stood up, raised his arms high, until now, retreat is never retreat, once back, will evolve into a rout, only a war!Forced the heart of the wave of repression and unrest, liu bao waved the flag, urged the huns continue to charge."A... Success! ?" Samba could hardly believe his eyes. The king of the eagle was recovered by the flying general with a handful of licorice. ?

"The last general!" "Han desu rong said, and then frowned:" the general has sent liao hua to lead two teams of troops to the house of the hussars garrison, I do not know whether to recall?"Lord, what now? Continue to kill?" < / p > < p > han DE licked some dry lips, touched a face do not know whether it is blood or rain liquid, looking at lu bu way.Xiongnu slaughter, plus before the battle down, the west cool really cool, in this case, lv bu really have no idea to follow the burning when to play mouth gun, this person must not let him free in the rule of lu bu outside, there is such a qiang army, the next to lu bu the qiang plan is completely run counter to.胡兵老婆|




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