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一叶知秋歌词mp3货源"What can I do? After brief silence, zhang song difficult of openings way.Hand carefully looked around, gather together to seibel said: "this time, the tiger fastened shut, que soldiers lost many, although our HanYong, but just these soldiers casualties of supplies, heard that treasures money consumption by half, and then play treasures on the empty, the western conference semifinals is voluntary, only made a meritorious service, to get Chinese soldiers equal treatment, so... Hey hey...... ""HSS ~" zhang ren, liu renrend, deng xian three people heard, can not help but gasp a cold air, as soldiers, they rarely involved in government affairs, but this matter, but also really over, not only the incident itself, but the wang family in shu not many loyal family to liu zhang, but finally ended up a sad, how not to make people What was the Lord thinking?

"I will go to answer, a wick incense, and then to capture alive cao gong. "Said the knight, turning his horse's head and galloping away.Jun big tent, in front of liu bei and others, cao cao did not ask xh battle damage, but even don't ask, the battle brought together under cao cao's most elite fifty thousand troops, this also is not what glorious things, more important is the war brings to the governors big blow, seibel is gone, but the somebody else's time, perhaps because of physical run out of these reasons, but it is a battle, jun really not win."Scared? Lv bu bowed his head and looked at his son's disappointed face, shaking his head and smiling. "Not timid, but the shoulder the burden of heavy, if your dad is still only five hundred fighters now, is the world governors, torre also not afraid, dozen don't win, I can run, and even if lost, I'm nothing at all, but it's different now, have you, and a few of your younger brother younger sister, your mother and aunt, account ministers, generals, millions of people and the north, the father lost, but now, but can't afford to lose, sign son, remember that the most proud of, must be alert, because the person is the most proud of, is often the most dangerous time."一叶知秋歌词"The days when victory was measured by force are over." Answer to the question of the zhangsong method is don't want to explain what, five main, day by day, roars, 3rd battalion is pure charming cavalry units, establishment of ten thousand, and Ezra pound shooting in the infantry camp is given priority to, the establishment of twenty thousand, as for the sea holds a title of generals in ancient times is the guard lyu3 bu4, camp preparation is even less than three thousand, but the five military forces, no matter which one, even in the face of two times the enemy many times can do is to break the enemy, which is unthinkable in nearly five years ago.

一叶知秋歌词A jun general just take out from the wall, has not yet had time to begin, standing in front of his sword and shield hand don't do other action, only in the hands of large shield forward, the jun general was screamed through the wall tiles fell down, down on three zhangs high walls, directly to death, also killed two companions."Which soldier is it?" Liu bei wen speech, frown a way.Dead silence, even before the enemy, but at the moment, both zhang fei and jingzhou soldiers around at the moment to look in the eyes of these men, with a strong respect, zhou yu, also for these to death doesn't even have a name of fighters, they may be a little-known, but this loyalty, was enough to set aside all grievances, heartfelt admiration, and can make these brave man death parts, you can hate him, but no way to hate him.

"Hey, I just a few days not see ford, strange think him of, kong Ming you know, I with him relation all along pretty good." Zhang fei hugged fu DE's shoulder and laughed."More than half a year." Ford shook his head. "I can't remember.""Commander, or the end is near." "The latter took zhou yu by the hand and hurried on.一叶知秋歌词




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