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宋伊妮东阿阿胶2012年价格Wei eyebrows a cu, then his face slightly changed: "No, it must be zhong yao didn't see the general, guess that the general may take advantage of the virtual attack xinfeng, is to give up xinfeng directly, back to hanoi!"Said at last, the valiant girl's face flashed a touch of shame and anger."Can't, so fight on, not only kill the huns, our brothers, also will be folded in wuwei!" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and dryly swallowed his saliva: "Now only soldiers line dangerous recruits, besieging the wei to save zhao, let the huns withdraw their troops, the rest, can only believe pound!"

Lang Dang Dang ~"Yes." Giffin nodded, now is the time to develop people's livelihood, whether moved to the people or the original guanzhong people, there is war-weary mood, if will burn to the guanzhong, lyu3 bu4 governance is extremely adverse."Hey!" He Man dodged, hands of the copper stick directly to throw up, warrior sent out a scream, directly by He Man a stick from the horse down, step forward, a foot on the warrior's chest, backhand took each other's hand pike, turned the gun head a shot into the warrior's chest.宋伊妮The first light of dawn dispelled the darkness, Shrouded in the wilderness, fifteen thousand huns under the command of liu gan, line up loose formation, wondering at the front of the last night as if out of thin air appeared in the land of the han army, heart is dripping blood, just one night, lost five thousand elite huns fighters, now, seems to be dying more people.

宋伊妮The country sneered and nodded. "I didn't expect this son to be so malicious in heart and soul. The depth of the city was ten times greater than Sun Ce's.""Kill!" D roared, with the remaining cavalry behind him head on, two cavalry like two torrents in the chi road is not spacious collided together, in the rain, a blooming blood everywhere."Little general." Pound picked out the curtain, see d is still sulking, bowed down: "the mood of the men has been pacified down, but morale is still low."

"That's enough." Guan Yu sighed and looked at the coppage. "Guan Mou can promise to surrender, but he has to promise three conditions. If not, Guan Mou would rather die!""What?" Lombardi face a change, hurriedly stood up, hurriedly let the crowd scattered, then hurried to the house with a healthy woman."Your excellency, wronged, please listen to me will tell the truth, if the general also cut me, Li Bao also recognized. Said Li Bao with a wry smile.宋伊妮




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