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娱乐云企税通Anyway, at present deyang and even the whole shu terrain, crossbow power can't play to the maximum, and they are now to take a defensive rather than offensive, there are hundreds of shu army has enough to let zhuge liang headache."Taishi Ziyi!?" Guan yu suddenly looked back, is to see tardif in hundreds of steps away from the place bow and arrow, is an arrow shot, sideways a hide, to avoid each other's arrow cluster, was about to scold, but heard a cry in the array, followed by the original siege soldiers like the tide of retreat."Back to the division, not lyu3 bu4, but jiangdong, in early september, jiangdong sneak attack jiangxia, now has been repulsed by the tetrarch, and counterattack into wood mulberry." Someone a face of excitement way.

"Boom ~"He qi and zhou tai hurriedly hand promised."At one time or another, the male seedlings hurried off, and the opportunity to break the enemy was there for a few days!" Tardif ignored him, let a person recruit a halberd, although not as good as his crescent halberd with smooth, but without guan yu, at the moment in jingzhou army, want to also no one can stop him, immediately point out of the camp to guan yu drowning war.娱乐云"Guanzhong crossbow of the power, bright early smell, if they put an arrow here at this time, bright but no winged virtue." Zhuge liang shook his head and laughed.

娱乐云"What the hell is going on?" Zhang Fei found the ruined brute soldiers general, angry roar shock mountain birds have startled: "Where is your prince!"Guan Yu is overseeing the war in Chengtou, Suddenly heard the civil strife in the city, hurriedly went to the other side of the wall looking at the direction of the port, then saw tardif and zhou tai with jiangdong water army has killed into the city, face can not help but change, also can't continue to command the battle, with a team down the city, is met with jingzhou soldiers retreating from the port, harsh voice drink a way: "Xing Daorong where!""Then give me another military forces, I don't believe, those new shu army can also be compared with the guanzhong elite. Zhang Fei refuses to accept the airway.

But tardif that last arrow although failed to hit guan yu, but will guan yu side of the handsome flag cable to shoot off, soldiers are fighting, suddenly found guan yu's handsome flag, instinct began to withdraw, also calculate to temporarily solve the siege of qua.He can't go to take the risk, tracing the cause has begun to integrate jiangdong military forces in the rear, ready to a decisive battle with liu bei, the longer he kept in the Yinling, the more time to prepare the rear."Here!" The first time to see tracing the cause eyes reveal such a light, people heart a cold, hurriedly should be a sound, a team of cold and handsome archers in jingzhou captive vacant eyes, quickly surrounded the port, don't wait for jingzhou army to have any reaction, these jiangdong archers have begun to put arrows.娱乐云




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