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友达母袭|石家庄企业Changan, the former zhao temple is now lyu3 bu4 deal with political affairs, at the moment, zhao temple, Chen Gong, giffin, marotta, zhang liao, seibel, wei, xu sheng, chen xing, tube hai, in addition to wu guan defense hanzhong blanc failed to show up, lyu3 bu4 account civil-military almost all gathered here."Why don't you carry it back?" Lyu3 bu4 glanced at Zhou Cang.

"Three thousand?" Seibel nodded: "I want to lead five thousand elite people, stationed in the north county, you will continue to stay in huaili, training recruits, while sending someone to changan for help, I will write a letter, please general wen yuan to help.""Korea hence and I have killed my father's revenge, now white water qiang can't help me, but this hatred, must be reported, I want to lead the children in the family, and Korea hence fight to the death, if you can come back alive, this life, even as a slave, also willing to be sent." North palace from muffled track."Yes." Lyu3 bu4 sword eyebrow a porch, Is some amazing feeling, at first sight of the woman, is also good, but definitely not to the sable cicada that the level of the city, but there is a unique charm, belongs to that kind of first look unremarkable, but the more you look at the more flavor of the woman, more importantly, a pair of eyes with some elegance and sadness in the cold, there is more of a book fragrance.友达母袭|

友达母袭|Pound frowned, Although Korea hence troops have been expected, Just didn't expect Korea hence unexpectedly put in so many troops at one time, according to the scouts snoop back to the news, this time, Korea hence fully mobilized hundreds of military forces, and there is a huns troops near the pastoral slope, for the first time alone the army of pound, this is undoubtedly a difficult test."Don't worry, tonight, the general will let you on the bliss!" Corners of the mouth spread a touch of evil spirits arc, fingers into the desecration clothes to find the soft full of elastic snow greasy, not light heavy kneading up.Only a pity, look around the world, who dare to say can live in lyu3 bu4 town? Cao cao understand this truth, so in history, after captured lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 killed, as for d, liu bei although accept, and rank shu five tiger general, but his life is on guard, and finally depressed.

At the same time, outside Hanoi, Huai County."Wen Hou-yung-wu is unparalleled in the world, and he is invincible.""Eloquence?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and said, "Wen Yao was too prejudiced against me. Dong Zhuo was not sincere to me at that time. He was on his guard everywhere for fear that I might gain military power, was he right?"友达母袭|




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