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u529康师傅展示柜There's no way, Lyu3 bu4 went into production, these people go in, Mainly learned is also skill, management and other practical ability, may not be considered a good talent, but can be selected from millions of people, at least is a talent, can not be put at a high position, but add to the local government, these people are too big, for the distribution of talent, even both zhang and Chen palace across the state for a red-faced."Here!"Name?

"Dang ~""I don't think so." Stephen shook his head and said with a wry smile, "I sent someone to his tribe to inform him, but the tribe said he was out hunting with people this morning and couldn't find him at all."u529"Hum!" See wei kill, Chen Xingfei horse ran to wei, coss eyes flashed a wiper machine, take off the bow, draw a carving plume from the arrow bag, slowly pull the bowstring, until the bowstring was pulled to the extreme, suddenly let go.

u529"Han Sui!!?" D eyes flashed a ray of red light, behind Ma Dai, Ma Tie is also ferocious, d awe a gift, sink a track: "strategist rest assured, at the end of this will point troops to battle!"Are you dying?"This is natural, cloud also admires Wen Hou to be a person. Zhaoyun su rong way, this is his commitment to Addis, Addis smell speech, didn't say more, more than half a year of getting along, two people already know each other very well, the man said, even if it is knife and fire, will not change half a point.

"Yes!" Suddenly smell speech, walked around the crowd, came to lyu3 bu4 side, sink a track: "master, just scene is too chaotic, we lost nearly two hundred brothers."Two machetes, collided in the air, splashed a spark, step root and Kirby can not fight, after a collision, rushed to YuanMen.Unlike the capital of the han dynasty, to consider a lot of things, traffic, surrounding environment and even feng shui, at least the han dynasty capital, even the capital of governors, will not choose to build in the mountains, but on the prairie people are different, for them, security is the most important, the king's place, must be the safest.u529





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