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tokyo hot n0500|搜索网During this time, the situation in the west cool changes too fast, originally according to lyu3 bu4 and others plan, thought it would be a battle, after all, the strength of the two sides is not much different, calculated, marten has advantages in force, but marten mysterious death, all of a sudden could have been stalemate for a long time battle yan into a one-sided pursuit.Lombardi although some gentle, but not stupid, see two people rubbing their hands, which also don't know two people's mind, this really sent two people, even lyu3 bu4 don't want to fight can play, the moment hurriedly looked at xu togeher, motioned him to come to the rescue."Ma Tie general sores have suppurated, must cut off the flesh near the wound, can heal, in addition, Ma Tie general bumps all the way, caught the wind chill, cause evil into the body, make Ma Tie general injury worse."

A three-foot-long shot has appeared in d hands, don't wait for the other side to have any reaction, raised his right hand jerked toward the front.Two people smell speech can't help frowning, this time to bing, to put it bluntly just look at lyu3 bu4, but no war, watching the central plains war, but he stayed behind to see lyu3 bu4, calculate up, some not very cost-effective, smell speech all no longer make a sound.Lyu3 bu4 helpless smile in the heart, now should not count as it is, but the years precipitated down the vicissitudes of life is from this era has begun to brew.tokyo hot n0500|Chen Gong smiled. "This man was born in a poor family, and was once named Xiaolian. Cao Cao once recruited this man several times, but he did not become an official. His master might try to win him over."

tokyo hot n0500|Lyu3 bu4 look not good, it seems that he is really dodged a bullet, if he is not directly sealed the city, it is really possible, even if he may not die, but the thousands of soldiers, even if it is hard to escape."Oh?" He Yi and He Man looked at each other in astonishment. Qi Qi handed him his hand and said, "I would like to be sent by the general."The siege of the army has been close to the wall a hundred paces away, but strangely, there is no reaction on the wall, but can hear the faint sound of the horn in the city.

"Pip-pip ~"Marotta smell speech, His face finally chan, It was indeed his dream all along, He was born in a poor family, the road to early school can be said to have experienced ups and downs, in order to be able to study, had to bear the so-called celebrities strange, disdain for the eyes, originally learned, ask themselves not to lose the so-called celebrities, alone to luoyang, get, but it is the ridicule of the scholars, also at that time, met the original and not ambition of dong zhuo.On the same day, lyu3 bu4 then packed, with giffin, four big QinBing QinWei and a team, went straight to the white water qiang.tokyo hot n0500|




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