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王治郅隋菲菲|野生全松茶Pang tong rolled his eyes and said with a smile, "since we are going to move to luoyang, we may as well make a public announcement. We'd better make it known to the world.""This...... "Gape at huang zhong, a black face suddenly became purple, not long ago also confident, now all of a sudden by an old man to win, this face no place to put."What is it? Chen qun frowned, who is ready to go off work when the encounter to find trouble, will not be too happy.

At lv meng zhou yu, face a smile, jiangling, pointing to a map location way: "if we attack the jiangling, you see it around, regardless of xiangyang, changsha or jiangxia, can to our troops, and may be broken our Jiang Xiajun retreat, jiangling is not can't attack, but scored jiangling, our army could be at risk of alone, but they did, the fifty thousand troops will be destroyed, now jingzhou is disorderly, but if CAI can not be together with liu bei, jiangling, under attack for our army, vile, now, we can't lose, once lost, will lose the opportunity to compete for the world."Chapter 40 hebei province"I'm afraid not." Shook his head in despair.王治郅隋菲菲|"Off!"

王治郅隋菲菲|"General, the enemy is out of the city. The archers behind are scattered!" A general rushed to the two sides of the expansion of the xia hou yuan sad.'just what I want! Wei yan laughed and said, "but I want to march tonight and arrive at nan zheng before dawn tomorrow. The military adviser can then arrive. I will leave wei yue here to guard the city."

"If this battle is won, will our army move south and annex the central plains?" Lv bu looks to jia xu, cao liu alliance, basically already was the board on the clinch a deal, no matter cao cao or liu bei, after be informed lv bu occupies hanzhong, be afraid to be unable to continue to calm of play house in the home, this battle lv bu has confidence to fight win, but after fight win how should?"I suspect that someone in the army has secretly defected to liu bei!" CAI MAO coldly swept zhang yun one eye, that look, let zhang yun shudder.王治郅隋菲菲|




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