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颜行书个人资料|养蜂专用车Zhuge liang nodded silently, to guan yu's character, since lv meng dare to kill guan ping, I'm afraid guan yu will never give up, so it is to give jiangdong army a humiliating, or call sun quan don't do this kind of irrational thing later.YanYan injury is not too serious, but the old man, injury recovery to slow down a lot, zhang fei this time is rare not ridicule, after all, the guanzhong army crossbow, that is even his second brother have to lose the array."Hey, Qin II died because of unfilial piety. If the First Emperor could live another ten years, I'm afraid the world would be a different place." Pang Tong shook his head and looked at Zhuge Liang and said, "Confucian things are good for cultivating one's character and educating others. But if we talk about governing the world and being too corrupt, our lord is not strong abroad for a day or two. But as far as I can see, those countries are becoming more and more good. Looking back on the big fellow's 400 years, we can see that he has never stopped foreign aggression."

"Drum bang!" Seeing his method worked, zhang fei can't help but roar excitedly, rumbling war drums, saw rattan shield did block each other's arrow cluster, jingzhou army couldn't help but morale, speed and a few minutes."Kongming, what do you mean?" Pang Tongyi startled face to zhuge liang."Gentlemen." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the crowd, smiled and said: "The noon is coming, and it is time for dinner, I have ordered a luncheon ready for everyone, let's talk about it after eating?"颜行书个人资料|"But there are three thousand elite guanzhong city, those people, is difficult to deal with. Li hun or some worry, people get old, naturally no young people that impulse.

颜行书个人资料|"General Wang, what is this?" Xie Yun looked a change, strong smile."Thunder ~"Cao Cao nodded silently, This reason, he never know, but know what is useful, liu bei and sun quan play inextricably now, cao cao although intentionally stop, but now, both sides have played out the real fire, and sun quan has been pulling back behind them, once lyu3 bu4, I'm afraid JingXiang, central plains under lyu3 bu4's iron hoofs, there is not much resistance.

The shrill screams and the roar of the sky were gradually overshadowed, Zhang fei took time to take a look, but see in his fight with wei this dozens of time, jingzhou army has been defeated, the reason is not collapsed, not because of jingzhou army quality is high, can die not to retreat, but the other side of the army seems to have a kind of stickiness, will not be a lot of soldiers card owners, forward and backward.Four elite guanzhong rushed into the army, shu army is silent around, watched his master was taken away, but no one dare to resist.颜行书个人资料|





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