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曹启泰老婆|金骨康怎么样"We haven't started the war yet, and gao shun didn't know what was going on. After he left the customs and attacked in the future, he just invited our army to fight. Xiahou dun bowed."Lord and minister think it will be easier to attack the city." Xunyou suggested at cao cao's side."The Lord can take cui zhou ping, shi guangyuan together, the ability of these two people, not under the minister. Zhuge liang said with a smile, "besides, ma liangshan can help the duke unite with cao cao to fight together."

In order to deal with lu bu's powerful crossbow, these allied troops took great pains.< / p > < p > cold hum a, liu zhang will still open the letter, while walking to see, the brow is gradually wrinkled up.'not for me! Wang tired raised his head and looked at liu zhang. He said, "the Lord knows that this list includes almost all the people of large and small families in the middle of shu, including the soldiers in the army. Now the soldiers are in front of the Lord and the Lord is persecuting his family.曹启泰老婆|Gao shun is not easy now, cao cao is also in strong support, now see is cao cao himself can not bear to retreat first, or gao shunxian can not keep the breach of the city pass.

曹启泰老婆|"Thank you, commander! Several jingzhou soldiers looked at each other, then qi qi arch way."Ha ha ha ~" zhou an sneer at a way: "by you and so on these mice, also want to oppose with my home commander, dream! Men, let me kill you!""Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang." pound's barrage of arrows, except for a few unlucky ones, was almost always blocked by shields and crossbows.

"The bow strikes back! Target, enemy back!"Cao cao smiled and nodded, and some regret, dian wei, xu chu, the xi succession fell, his side, while leading a lot, but like guan yu, huang zhong this leading top but I can't find it, but liu bei this guy good life, with leading such first picked up guan yu, zhang fei, now have veteran huang zhong this defected, sheet is in Athens, cao cao now than liu bei, even the thought of this, for lu bu is boundless, resentment of his leading action, the vast majority of relationship with lyu3 bu4 to take, especially embroidered lyu3 bu4, zhang dian wei the bill also must be written in the lu bu head."But if we can not break through the tiger prison, our army not all previous achievements?" Cao cao frowned.曹启泰老婆|




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