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陈翔被粉丝强吻图片重庆化医技师学院"Your majesty, lyu3 bu4 once king, the son of heaven prestige, han majesty will no longer exist!" Kong Rong knelt on his knees and said in an astringent voice, "Your Majesty, please order your troops to crusade against Lu Bu and restore the majesty of the Han Dynasty."Strong crossbow, but as long as the men hide in these gullies, guanzhong strength crossbow again can't turn to shoot the soldiers inside the gully, at the same time if the guanzhong soldiers forced charge, gully soldiers can shoot the enemy with bows and arrows.More importantly, without the command of zhang fei, jingzhou army has begun to some chaos, and the guanzhong military forces, even without the command of wei yan, is still with tacit understanding, advance and retreat, just for a while, jingzhou army has loomed a rout, let zhang fei good not depressed.

"Originally under Liu Xuande, are such only know good fight malicious ACTS, so, I will rest assured!" Zhang ren also not angry, just lukewarm back."Guan Yu is brave and unrivalled in the world." Sun quan shook his head the two, is now his side of the only tough, less than the last resort, sun quan is not willing to send."Here!"陈翔被粉丝强吻图片"Retreat to that Yin mausoleum first!" Guan yu sighed, qua defeat, some of the defeat makes him difficult to accept, back port Xing Daorong after all not water war, is done in accordance with the general defensive city war, was zhou tai easily ripped open from the water to rushed into the city, otherwise, tracing the cause even if the military forces more than twice, don't want to take qua from his hand.

陈翔被粉丝强吻图片With wei commanded, three thousand crossbow arrows out of the air, the mountain, yan yan haven't had time to answer the subordinates, feel scalp a tingling, instinct to hide behind a tree.The Chengdu affair fell to the ground with the heads of the main members of a large family, Property confiscation came to an end, but the action of lu zheng did not stop, coinciding with this year shu people were milan disaster miserable, and even many places there are victims, these confiscated property was lu zheng quickly down, pacify the people, and the land will be confiscated according to the guanzhong tax to the people to plant.But HeQi or quickly reacted: "Yes, it is difficult to match under the fame, this first wave we held, that next, guan yu is more impossible!"

Ma Su smell speech, face can not help but some ugly, the original oneself from beginning to end, is singing a one-man show, in the eyes of others, the so-called secret is just like a naked girl, to see a clear, ridiculous oneself still hopping there, but in the eyes of others like a clown.Chapter one hundred and nine retreat陈翔被粉丝强吻图片




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