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洪燃摄影|周公朱砂通眠贴"Congratulations to the general, it seems that master did not doubt the general, also give the general decision-making power." Chen xing some envy to seibel, decided on the spot, that is the meaning of leading an army alone.One from the arrow bag out of an arrow, in front of the armed forces soldiers, the arrow broken, and then turned the horse's head, snapped: "withdraw!"Refugees continue to migrate, But lyu3 bu4 did not continue with the army, After confirming that a plan should be implemented, He took the cavalry straight into changan, meet seibel, now presided over the guide refugees, is zhang liao and tube hai, according to this progress, I believe can catch up with this year's spring ploughing, as long as the summer, stay the first batch of hay harvested in autumn, oneself in the land of the Beijing sign, also calculate to completely stand heels.

Play to the third day, seibel also gradually have a feeling of unbearable, even if the loss of the west cool army, but the defenders also paid a price."Sir..." Opened his mouth, but see Li You has left, can not help but look at the outside, for a long time, eyes flashed a ruthless color, toward the door loudly way: "Somebody, go to the county to ask the big families to come to the meeting.""Sit down, Wenruo. Good news." Cao cao smiled.洪燃摄影|...

洪燃摄影|After a few days of trimming, Korea hence again to the north county and stability county a lead soldiers, this time, Korea hence will mainly concentrate on the north county side, for zhang liao, seibel, Korea hence can safely use qiang people and don't have to worry about their defection.Freeze wry smile way: "Xuzhou defeat, lyu3 bu4 shock, since its out of xuzhou, all the way, act decisively, the skill of the wise, it is difficult to compare with the past, now the guanzhong trend has become, lyu3 bu4 has ordered people blockade letter valley, wu guan, now only lombardi can form a threat to lyu3 bu4.""Calm down!" Xun yu four people chorus, can't play, more can't push lyu3 bu4 to the opposite of cao cao, even if can't draw to their side, also can't let lyu3 bu4 stand in lombardi.

"Kill ~"See a piece of embroidery clothes, burn when the old king scared out of his wits, didn't expect d really will come to rob camp, regret should not listen to the words of Korea hence, just now there is no time to regret, face d, burn when the old king didn't have the courage to fight, hurriedly scrambled toward one side of the embroidery broken to an arrow.洪燃摄影|




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