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韩真人秀中国人遭殴打|昆明空白t恤After the qin dynasty, is jin, after all, lyu3 bu4 born bing, will jin as the national name, is also a rule in the moment of choice, but the king obviously can't be satisfied with."Yes!" Zhang Fei didn't expect his potential in the must-have spear was blocked by the other side, and still has the strength to fight back, Can't help but praise, battlefield battle is not more than ordinary fight malicious, can't allow you to test, a hand is full, often win or lose only in an instant to part, this blow is not the slightest left hand, look around the world, can block his spear is also very few people, only this, wei yan martial arts is enough to be included in the first-class list of peaks.Deyang has given up to zhuge liang, now pang tong with law is retreating to luo county, zhang renshou mianzhu guan, and wei yan is in the fish after, pang tong received the news in chengdu is already the fifth day, is studying how to deal with zhuge liang with law.

"I had no idea that the little lord, though young, had this plan in mind." Will send the news, pang tong not with a wry smile to the method is, they like lyu3 zheng this age, but not the ability.Rapid footsteps woke up a lot of sleeping people, many people curious to wait and see, but see a large number of people toward the secretariat of the murderous past, many alert people hurriedly pulled family, the doors and windows closed, tonight looks unusual."Taishi Ziyi!?" Guan yu suddenly looked back, is to see tardif in hundreds of steps away from the place bow and arrow, is an arrow shot, sideways a hide, to avoid each other's arrow cluster, was about to scold, but heard a cry in the array, followed by the original siege soldiers like the tide of retreat.韩真人秀中国人遭殴打|

韩真人秀中国人遭殴打|Zhang fei since zhuge liang got the charm, then gathered five thousand chosen men, transfer craftsmen overnight will fold rattan shield together, made one thousand thickened version of rattan shield, the next morning, then with military forces, until wei camp outside provocation."Retreat!" YanYan waving flags to the valley below the retreat, at the same time began to lead the military forces began to retreat, finally saw the guanzhong strong crossbow today, but at least in the shu, relying on favorable terrain, YanYan or some grasp, as long as wei dare to catch up, he has a way to close the distance between the two sides, and then a close battle!

"Stubborn!" Ma Qiu sneer at 1, saw the opposite member of the generals rushed on horseback, will be in the hands of a silver gun forward, gun speed is very fast, opposite the generals simply did not have time to react, was a gun pierced the throat, stare at the eyes slipped down from the horse.Guan yu is weak, a tardif has made him tired, now tardif and zhou tai to attack, is the peak state of guan yu on the two may not be able to play, what's more, now weak, fight a few close, then feel powerless, rely on the horse, turn around and go.Zhuge liang stood up, has been, is a row of immortal demeanor, people suddenly found at the moment, zhuge liang's back seems to stoop some, the whole person, as if an instant old ten years.韩真人秀中国人遭殴打|




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