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王改革波乐美乳霜"I'm sorry, Mr. Han yu. I know that yuan long is young and full of energy. He won't be upset about some things. "Lu felt Chen GUI's head and sighed.On the flag that wave, a dou big zhao word lets yu ban understand the identity of bearer, lyu3 bu4's that sweep across liaodong, horse treads wu huan's general, zhaoyun!This is better than sun hae-chan more difficult to deal with characters, closed in ban see YuanMen soldiers were shot dead, intensive JianCu is almost uninterrupted toward the barracks shrouded come over, not as cunning as gan ning, but pressure to jun out of breath, watching each other close, in the sad found, whether this kind of style or zhaoyun play, there is no way to yourself, for your more sadly, seems that he was through."Yo ~"

Following, is a piece of cao jun kneel down."You're a queen." Lyu3 bu4 smiled to see LAN zhan one eye, shake head way: "can't really think to depend on the body to be able to change 100,000 troops? Public and private, and as a leader, you should know that."Yu ban waved his hand and stopped the random attack of archers around him. After hesitating for a moment, more and more people came out and took a deep breath: "I am yu ban. I have heard your name for a long time.王改革"Let him in." Lv bu nodded. I heard that sun quan had sent a messenger recently.

王改革Yang fu looked at a face of surprise two people said: "just this game, although it seems to play, but also the law of war, favored by soldiers, then gradually spread to the army, not to mention ordinary soldiers, generals have no matter also love to organize people to play a few, slowly have today's scale."The power was terrible." Lieutenant tao."Hum!" < / p > < p > xia houyuan smell, looked at zhang liao side more and more archers gathered over, although also shot a lot of people, but did not be able to break up the square, not by sneering, waving the flag way: "concentrate forces, attack!

Too late of retreating soldiers will quickly crossbow box JianCu shoot the light, and then draw fierce broadsword, with flood in jun fights in one place, and the blood in the works, the fierce fight, more and more jun flood in, lyu3 bu4 though well-equipped army, soldiers HanYong, but ultimately outnumbered, has lost the oppressive weapon.In the afternoon, a row of arrow towers were erected to make the area visible for a long distance, and then a partition was erected so that people in yecheng could not see behind the partition.Neither for nor against.王改革




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