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黑铁条|tt魔法'no! Lyu3 bu4 shook head, this matter did not discuss."Sir, this is not polite." Liu yun hurriedly rise, feel the cool meaning on the body, subconscious covered the chest.'the end is near! Zhou cang ran in from the outside and stepped in to salute.

A Wolf qiang naked woman rushed out of the tent, crazy beside a young bodies, tore heart crack lung of cry, three disheveled huns rushed out with a smile, from the tent her from behind a keep the white full body, want to go on, but see a curved knife broke the woman of snow-white skin, from the smooth back suddenly, violently into a face of astonishment of the huns in the body.The old hound looked anxiously at the old master who had slipped down and dragged him up. Unfortunately, he was too old to be dragged at all. He turned his head and took a look at the approaching horses."Well!" < / p > < p > deputy excitedly agreed to a sound, began to call retreat, just at this time, the other military suddenly a change, from the middle split a gap, lv bu that a striking suit of equipment in the sunset is particularly dazzling.黑铁条|"Please, general, let me fight!" Ma chao three hands way.

黑铁条|"You must surrender your weapons to enter the palace, lady general, and your men must not enter." A juyan bodyguard stopped lu lingqi at the gate of the palace, shen said."Well!"Under the hot sun of the barracks, loud trumpets sounded, five hundred soldiers under the leadership of the magnificent sea, began all kinds of training arranged by lu bu.

"It is said that I have something important to discuss with your majesty." Responsible for the notification of qiang humanitarian.< / p > < p > the king of some dejected mumbles, before the three family pressure, the destruction is imminent, he really hope that the arrival of lv bu, the yue family from the edge of destruction to pull back, even he is willing to hand over the right in the hand, but when the three family soldiers retreated, the news has been confirmed, the mood is complex.黑铁条|




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