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男人吃了这道菜精力壮如小伙|联邦动力裤Lyu3 bu4 on horseback, slowly raised the hand of the party day painting ji, contemptuously pointing to all the huns, although not speaking, but the disdain for the eyes and actions, thoroughly aroused the huns bone fierce, almost at the same time, eight huns general roared with their weapons to lyu3 bu4."More than half of that million people still remain unresettled, Although according to the master's method, has been elected from millions of people zhuang yong, greatly reduce the burden of our army, but still need to leave a certain military forces responsible for moving people, general wei yan in xinfeng and cao peng ride army, under heavy damage, when quickly added, in the area of bullying, keep jun, make it can't move lightly. ""It's the Han army!" Although the herdsmen do not know the man, but also can distinguish, the huns banner, rarely can write, is generally a totem as a banner: "go inform the king!"

This guy!Hundreds of people fighting, gradually become weak down, d brought people, under the command of cheng gongying, almost all killed, and into gongying military forces, at the moment there are more than a dozen.Low words with a special appeal, many people silently tightened their weapons, lyu3 bu4 words, let them have gradually numb heart suddenly rose a hot, with lyu3 bu4 words, constantly accumulating, long-lost blood, in this moment, there is a kind of impulse as if to be ignited.男人吃了这道菜精力壮如小伙|"Lyu3 bu4, do you really want to catch me?" Korea hence some depressed patted the table, If lyu3 bu4 retreat, Korea hence can take advantage of jincheng, west gansu, plus wuwei, as long as the three counties in hand, can barely support their army, and then gradually south, step by step will drive lyu3 bu4 out of the west is cool, but unfortunately, lyu3 bu4 in know the huns south, unexpectedly also with nails in the shepherd slope, make Korea hence the main force dare not move.

男人吃了这道菜精力壮如小伙|"The west cool army of forty thousand, the seibel points to keep three cities, soldiers will be few, can support to this day is good, I'm afraid the report soon, but fighters fleeting, not lost fighters." Zhong yao shook his head, firmly way, in his view, west cool army can't lose, this is the fundamental reason he believes in wei."Yes." Marotta smell speech, helpless a sigh, nodded, no longer words."This is..." D glare at the man.

"What's the matter? What's the sense of panic?" See Li Kan, Korea hence some gas don't play a place, no good gas cold hum a way."Dang ~"Suddenly change let call kitchen spring heart panic, since become khan, has not been on the battlefield for a long time, he, at this time, issued a nearly stupid command-retreat!男人吃了这道菜精力壮如小伙|




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